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Investment Calculator

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Lets say, you have $100,000 today.  If you choose to invest that money in a CD, savings, money market account or any other financial product that guarantees a certain percentage of return, how much will you make in a given time period?  With this calculator, you can find out your yearly return; change the scenario,

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Mortage Pic

Planing or heading out to shopping for a new house? Spending some times to understand how the mortgage loan works, how the numbers will look like and finding your affordability can guide you to a smarter direction.  Just plug in your numbers and see how easily this calculator presents you a knowledgeable graph with figures.

“Which tablet should I buy?” Superman asked.

Superman Tablet

“Do you really need a tablet?” I replied. He can accomplish any task faster than a tablet (in a hypothetical way).  It’s because he is the Superman.   Actually, we all should first ask ourselves, if a tablet is necessary when a laptop, a desktop, a smartphone, and other electronic gadget in our possession that