Glad that you are interested to know more about Digital Media Galaxy.  It’s an online community where spontaneous internet surfer to regular enthusiast with various interests in digital technologies collides together for a successful journey in this digital age.   Almost every single of us who is reading this has little or more quest to have better grasp on digital gadgetsdigital goodsapps, or a button on hardware like Nikon DSLR D7000 camera & a tool in software like Adobe After Effects.

Should I buy a tablet or laptop?  How do I organize my apps in my smartphone?  What is that button for?  Which tool do you use in Photoshop to crop?  It’s almost never ending puzzling question we run into everyday in this galaxy – that’s right, we call it a digital galaxy.  It is no more just a world where you have more digital devices in a household than the number of your family member.  Since there are over 7 billion people around the globe, can you imagine how many devices are out there now… how many are already tossed away? And last but not least, how many digital devices one person go through in a lifetime?

At the same time, it is near impossible for this blog or any other to make it inclusive of all devices & software on every platform.  Digital Media Galaxy has chosen some prominent digital types of devices and goods that are contemporary to the world.  Of course, the plan to expand and adjust according to the demand or as it may seem necessary.  No one can deny the need for some guidance and help in using the innovative devices & goods properly; learning to utilize those in an efficient way to have its benefits, accelerating our productivity, hobby, and yet not to lose the humanity in the digitalization era of mankind.

Digital Media Galaxy has one simple mission that is to bring the extra-ordinary knowledge, ideas, expertise to ordinary people in an effective & recreational way via internet in this enduring digital journey.

Please fasten your seat belt, hold on to the mouse tight… and let your journey through the galaxy begins.