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Find gas mileage or cost for your trip


Heading out to a trip for… Holiday? Cross country? or for a weekend getaway? Don’t get stranded or be out of sufficient gas money. Use the simple calculator below and be prepared. Easy-to-use calculator step-by-step.  

Are you overweight?

perfect figure

Yes, no, may be so… Looking around to see if anyone else heard (in this case, saw you reading this article) that question and you answering it? In an average, 3 out 5 people do NOT know the answer to that question for themselves! So, now that you’ve just read it, you can be better

Investment Calculator

smart inv

Lets say, you have $100,000 today.  If you choose to invest that money in a CD, savings, money market account or any other financial product that guarantees a certain percentage of return, how much will you make in a given time period?  With this calculator, you can find out your yearly return; change the scenario,

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Mortage Pic

Planing or heading out to shopping for a new house? Spending some times to understand how the mortgage loan works, how the numbers will look like and finding your affordability can guide you to a smarter direction.  Just plug in your numbers and see how easily this calculator presents you a knowledgeable graph with figures.

“Which tablet should I buy?” Superman asked.

Superman Tablet

“Do you really need a tablet?” I replied. He can accomplish any task faster than a tablet (in a hypothetical way).  It’s because he is the Superman.   Actually, we all should first ask ourselves, if a tablet is necessary when a laptop, a desktop, a smartphone, and other electronic gadget in our possession that

Has Samsung Galaxy S4 really got it all to be the next big thing?

Samsung S4

Are you still anticipating for the next iPhone X? The wait is over for next big thing, since the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is on the shelves.  If you are a skeptical about any other smartphone than Apple iPhone, it’s definitely time to check out this new series of Galaxy smartphones by Samsung.  Galaxy S 4 has